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New High Converting Webinar for Experienced Affiliate Marketers

Earn $595 per Sale

An Unbelievable $23[or more] EPC

Top Performers Get Commissions in 10 Days!

Affiliate High Points

Type of Promotion

Use our proven swipe copy to drive registrations to a LIVE webinar.  Most sales will happen in our 4 day follow-up sequence, so it is best if we run this in our copy of GotoWebinar.

Promotion Schedule

We use a "rolling launch" model with just one affiliate scheduled each week.This allows us to tailor marketing assets to your list for higher opt-in rate.

Sales Tracking

We create a personalized event opt-in page so your audience will recognize YOU as the promoter. You'll have a personalized Infusionsoft link to use in email.

Commission Payout

Up to 50% paid 10 days following the webinar with balance paid 30 days following cart close. Details apply, so please see below.

Commission Amount

40% on all qualifying sales. This is $595.20 for each single pay and $795.20 in total for the 4 pay plan. All customers are affiliates and your 2nd tier commission is 10%.

Your Choice of Platform

We use GotoWebinar and followup with all registrants for 4 days post-webinar.We sold 5% of registrants using our sequence. We can use your platform if you want, but our follow-up works!

Proven Product

The product is based on software in production use since 2011 and a business system proven in five years of our own use.

Proven Team

The principals are industry veterans who have run numerous launches including one that grossed $2.65 million.

Proven Market

This is a classic "make money online" offer that is attractive to the newest "newbie" and the seasoned pro alike.

Promotional Details

At your option, we can reopen the offer for 48 hours so you can mail your list to the replay page.

The Calendar

Everything centers around a LIVE webinar.  We've found that Thursday works best, but we can adjust this to your schedule.  You mail 4 pieces of swipe on the 3 days leading up to the event.

Following the webinar, we'll email all registrants for 4 days before closing the cart and then pay a portion (see below) of your commission on day 10.

Your Personalized Registration Page

Our 60% opt-in page is simplicity itself! It works because the headline promises what everyone wants and the bullets support it with curiosity and benefits.

Plus, your name and photo help connect the offer with your list.

Your mileage may differ, but Jeff earned $31.95 per click.

Informative and Engaging Webinar

• Fast Paced and with High Visual Appeal
The Big Ideas That Inspire
The Details of How it Works
Real Case Studies
Fully Disclosed Testimonials
Expert Endorsements
The 3 Classic Closes
Massive Value Stack
A Winning Risk Reversal

Click to play

Latest Replay

This event was 3 hours long (which is a bit too long) but almost an hour of that was questions from a highly engaged audience!

We create a page for you just like this one for our follow-up. 

You can also use it for a reopening at your option.

Event Registration Swipe Copy

We've tried to make this an easy plug-and-play promotion for you to run. All we need from you is one email three days in a row plus one more email 2 hours before the live event.

Most affiliates will want to make some edits or additions to our swipe copy to personalize them to our list.

We also encourage you to show up for the webinar, and introduce the presenter (Leslie Rohde).  We'll provide a bio and talking points in advance.

That's it! We handle the rest.

4 Day Post-Event Selling Sequence

Followup is where the real magic happens!

The principals have been selling with email since the mid-90s and have been selling ResultFlow via email since 2010 so we've had the chance to iterate to some pretty good copy over the years. That's why we were able to sell more than 5% of *registrants* (not attendees) on our most recent promotion.

We mail all webinar registrants daily from two hours after the event (soon as the replay is live) to 4 days post event when the special offer expires.  On the final day, we mail multiple times as we get closer to a midnight eastern time cart close.

But when does the cart actually close?  :-)  Decades of experience tells us that closing the cart on time costs money!  We always see a group of sales in the 12 hours following the official closing time, so we will not be closing the cart until sometime late the following day.  More sales for the both of us!

Commission Payments

The single payment price for the product is $1,488. For every sale that does not refund during the 30 day trial period, you will be paid $595.20 (40%).

We also offer a payment plan of four payments of $497 each. As this money is collected, including the initial payment, you will be paid a commission of $198.80 for a total of $795.20 across the life of the payment plan.

You will be paid as many as 5 times as a result of this promotion: once on the 10th day following the event; a second time two days following the 30 day trial period; and subsequently for 3 months on the 15th day of the month for any remaining payment plans.

Plus, all customers are also affiliates, and you are paid a 10% override on all sales (for life) made by the customers you bring.

Your Day 10 Partial Affiliate Commission

It is our goal to pay you as fast as possible while also doing our best to avoid clawbacks. Based on your total unit sales as of cart close 4 days post-webinar, we will pay a portion of your commissions as follows: 

Less than 5 sales: 0% From 5 to 10 sales: 25%  More than 10 sales: 50%

The Product

A Replicable Big Dollar Promise

This side business was an accident for us. All we were doing was testing our software and methods using clients as a controlled environment. The software is still our focus so it's a win-win to show others how to run this business for themselves using our proven processes.

Our System Works Because We Have What Every Business Wants

Every business needs more traffic, better qualified traffic, and cheaper traffic.  The ResultFlow software does precisely that and as an EAC graduate, you will be selling that promise to nearly every small business.

Traffic growth is the single easiest thing you will ever sell PLUS the promise is so attractive to your qualified prospects, that marketing it is nearly trivial... and of course you'll use ResultFlow to grow your own agency leads too!

By combining a service that every business wants with a system to deliver that service at a massive profit margin, we've made the part-time, six figure marketing agency a reality for nearly anyone.

The Market

The "make money online" market is huge and growing bigger every day. That does mean the products that aim to fill that need abound, but the promise of EAC is stronger than anything else in category.

Not only does EAC promise a six figure income in less time than it would take to drive Uber, but it is also the single easiest business to start and run, requiring minimal 3rd party technology (beyond what we provide), and ZERO pre-existing marketing skills.

You could say that "everyone" is a prospect for this message and not be far wrong, but we have identified three primary avatars that are most likely to buy, and have therefore focused our webinar, and (most importantly) our post-webinar selling messages, on these three segments.

Our Three Closes

Popularized by or pals Ryan Deiss and Perry Belcher, but used in some form by every other marketer we know, we likewise structure our closing messages - on the webinar and in follow-up as well - around these timeless human psychological triggers.

Who doesn't want to make 100k in their spare time? At about 5 hours per week, less than we spend watching TV, you could be making $384 per hour!

Marketing for small businesses is a massive, growing, and RABID market just waiting for this service and EAC makes it brain-dead simple to do. Plus, there's an easy retirement path - sell your 100k/y agency for a million dollars! Yes, we show you how.

Just how secure is your job or your existing business?  Even in a downturn, small businesses know they must have marketing, so your EAC agency will be the very last thing they cut.  Let other business owners tighten their own belts - you have what they need most, so you'll be fine

The Team

Dan Thies and      Leslie Rohde

We are both internationally recognized for our ground-breaking advancements in SEO, PPC, and just online marketing in general!In business together since 2009, we've known each other for several years prior to that, and count as friends and prior marketing partners many of the most respected members in our industry.

Our Board of Advisors

In October of 2018 we acquired angel financing to accelerate development of our core software, ResultFlow. We also instituted a formal board of advisors to assist us in marketing and business strategy. These gentlemen are part owners of our business provide valuable ongoing critique.

Affiliate Policies

Nothing in these terms and conditions is intended to be unusual or surprising.  We've been engaged in affiliate marketing, as both vendor and affiliate, since the mid-90s, so these policies have been crafted as our best attempt to maximize your commission while also protecting our brand and maximizing the value received by our joint customers.

If you have any questions regarding these policies, please contact Brett Hudechek via email (brett@marketersbraintrust.com).


Our JV program is by invitation only - see below. Once accepted, we'll create your account in Infusionsoft where you can check stats. We must have a completed W8/W9, a valid email address, and a contact phone number, before we can pay you, but let's first get you on the schedule so we can make money together!

Promotion of our products constitutes acceptance of the terms articulated on this page.  We reserve the right to update these terms at any time, but you will be notified via email when we do so.  The most recent update was 2-February-2020.


• Sending SPAM, using "safe lists," or any kind of junk traffic sources
• Offering cash rebates to people who buy through your affiliate link
• Using negative promotion of any kind
• Misrepresenting our product or offer in any material way
• Violation of FCC endorsement rules (http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/guides/guides.shtm)
• Using cookie stuffing
• Using fraud credit cards from pastebin, etc.
• Any copying or repurposing of our content, except the provided swipe mails

All questionable transactions will be investigated and we reserve the right to withhold commissions payments pending such investigation and invalidate any commissions if we deem the transactions invalid.

Reciprocal Promotion

As an affiliate, we expect you to promote only those offers that are a good fit for your followers. We will do the same. That said, we will prioritize our partners' offers ahead of non-partners, all other things being equal.

All promotions are decided individually, but in general, our list is most responsive to systems, techniques, and tools that aid the development and growth of an online business.  Such products will also need to pass our "white hat" test, so blog networks, and the like are non-starters.

If you feel your product is a fit for our list, we'd love to see your own page like this one so we can talk about it further.

Affiliate Application

Participation in our affiliate program is by invitation only.  If you are interested in promoting the Easy Agency Code™, please complete the form below.

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