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Revolutionary New Software

Automates Your Content Marketing

Driving More, Better, and Cheaper Traffic on Autopilot!

Yes!  Even If You Don't Have a Blog, Have No Content, and Have NO Idea Where to Start!

Small Business Marketing REINVENTED!

Finally: Level the playing field and WIN against big brands

  • Cutting Edge Inbound Marketing on autopilot
  • Unique Content Done for You
  • Optimized Marketing Blog Hosted for Free!
  • Proven Marketing Workflows Preinstalled
  • Everything Runs on Schedules So You Aren't
  • Growing Qualified Traffic in just 20 min/wk!

A Revolution in Online Marketing

Automated Content Marketing for the Small Business

A Proven Marketing Platform

There is a science to Content Marketing and we've spent the last several years perfecting a Wordpress image with all the best features. It's yours for free, for life. Shown here are just a few of the blogs our users have built with our template.

Already have your own blog? That's fine too. ResultFlow works with any Wordpress site as well as several other popular blogging platforms.

Content Done-For-You!

Expanding your blog with fresh, relevant content is critical to growing both social and search traffic. If you've had problems in the past creating that content, you're not alone, and you're in luck. Use our al a carte service to create richly formatted posts for just $2.50 each.

More & Better Traffic Per Dollar

Using our unique three level marketing funnel, we beat the industry average Facebook click cost by 3.5 times giving you a massive advantage over your competition.

Not only will you get more visitors per dollar spent, your visitors will be better qualified, already engaged with your brand, and much more likely to become customers.

Higher Search Rankings on Autopilot

Search engines, just like social media sites, need engaging content so their users will have a good experience and come back for more. When you give them what they want, they give you what you want: better rankings and more traffic. And you don't even have to even think about SEO - just do good marketing and let Google tag along.

Out of a test group of 31 sites, the average annual growth in organic traffic was 79%.

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In the time I've been running on ResultFlow, search and social traffic has grown by 155% at a truly low cost for my market. I was so impressed I invested in the company.” 

– Dan Fox

Using ResultFlow my online revenues more than doubled, so when I heard they were bringing it to market I literally jumped at the chance to invest. This software will help grow practically any business with an online presence.”

– Edward Perry

By automating my online marketing, my business continued to grow without my attention... ResultFlow is what made that possible.”

– Phil Weaver

Frequently Asked Questions

What markets and products will this work for?

Anything you can imagine, but ResultFlow is best suited for products and services you can promote on social media.

What kinds of businesses can I market with ResultFlow?

It's totally your choice. We have successful users doing ecommerce, affiliate marketing, blogging, podcasting, business services, coaching, consulting, and I probably missed some.

What technical skills do I need?

ResultFlow is a lot like your smart phone - complicated on the inside, but user friendly outside! Wherever there is something you need to do or understand, we have detailed, step-by-step instructions and our support team is just a live-chat away.

How fast will ResultFlow get me more traffic?

That depends a bit on your market, but if you already have a blog, you can be setup and running in less than an hour, see new content posting in 2 days, and be growing social traffic in 4 days. SEO takes longer but will happen as long as you stay consistent.

Is it really FREE? How is that possible?

YES! Your signup today is totally free - no credit card required. Only after you are fully up and running, growing traffic, and making money will an upgrade to a paid plan be important.

Can I run more than one business?

The free "Solo" edition of ResultFlow supports a single business. You want more! That's great, many of our customers do, so they've upgraded to the Small Business or Agency editions. You might consider that too, after you get your first business up and running on Solo.

What if I need help?

No problem!  There's live chat, help links, and a searchable knowledge base on every page of the software, and if that's not enough - just email support.  Plus, there's a Facebook group for all users to compare notes AND free live training every Tuesday!

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