ResultFlow Works, So You Don't Have To

The Secret Formula to Marketing Success: Reach, Frequency, and Content

Audience Growth

The sooner you touch a potential prospect, the more of that customer’s journey you own.  If your competition is not doing “top of funnel” – and most small companies don’t – they won’t even know what hit them.

Social Engagement

How many times do you have to touch a prospect before they buy?  The “standard” recommendation is 6, which might even be low, but we do know that the more your audience engages with you, the more likely they are to buy!

Make Your Blog Pay

Does your blog make you money?  Do you even know?  It is sometimes not that simple to even tell… but it is almost always simple to fix.  Once you know what we do, you’ll understand that your blog is the silver bullet to audience building and prospect engagement!


If ResultFlow was ONLY about growing a targeted audience and increasing engagement with those self-selected prospects, it would still kick ass… but our system also drives traffic to your blog.  What a great audience to market to.

Search Rankings

The single most important search ranking factor has always been links and the best of those are the much sought “natural links”.  Where do they come from?  People!  And that means you must have robust social marketing – just what ResultFlow was designed to do 10 years ago.

Brand Power

What does “brand” even mean?  Why is HomeDepot a brand and you are not?  It’s all about reach and frequency – be “everywhere” (your prospects are) and be there “often”, without being creepy, and you too … yes, even you … can be a “brand” in your market.

Right Reach

It’s always been true that “reach tells and frequency sells,” but you must reach the right prospects at the right time.  Our standard workflows and training make that easy and automated.  You set this up once and it runs on autopilot while you run your business.

Of course, you do need to set this up..
it will take you less than 2 hours total!

Frequent Posting

Prospects need multiple (many!) touches to become customers.  Are you going to do that by hand?  No.  Me ‘neither!  ResultFlow automates all of that grunt work.  Once you set it up, it runs entirely without you.

But hang on – you are still in control.  You pick the stories and can reject content or change targeting any time.

Content On Demand

Attracting and engaging prospects requires content – content that you have neither the time nor the budget to write.  That’s why we just do it all for you!

Your Solo subscription includes enough content to attract and engage a single top-of -funnel audience – at no additional cost!